Generation AI: The Rise of The Resilient Entrepreneur Book

Why I Wrote This Book

In 2017, as a researcher with experience of running two businesses, I was asked to present an introductory talk at Global Entrepreneurship Week on a topic of my choice. I didn’t know what to present at first, but I ultimately chose to speak about automation and its effect on jobs. A few years earlier, I had travelled to Malta as a researcher to learn how to bridge education and the skills demands of the workplace, and I was aware of the central importance of the topic of automation and how employers’ requirements in this area were not being fulfilled by…

Lynn Power — Founder of MASAMI

What separates entrepreneurs who succeed and those who don’t?

I interviewed Lynn Power — a former advertising executive (most recently CEO of J. Walter Thompson NY) who turned entrepreneur. Lynn Power recently launched MASAMI, a clean premium haircare brand with a unique Japanese ocean botanical for massive hydration. She loves building high performing teams, disrupting the status quo and helping women become the leaders they were meant to be.

Show notes

Katerina: So, I welcome Lynn to the studio.

Lynn: Oh my god, thank you. Hi. Thanks for having me.

Katerina: … Lynn, you have a bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. How did you get into advertising?

Lynn: You know, you’re like…

Jackie Bertolette — Editor, Creative Director, Lead Fashion Photographer, Founder — Haute Ohio Magazine

What is the most important aspect of running a fashion business?

I interviewed Jackie Bertolette — a founder of Haute Ohio Magazine to find out. Haute Ohio Magazine is Jackie’s fourths incarnation of a fashion-based business. In the last four years she launched one corporation that holds six businesses including Discovered! Professional Editorial Photography and RJ Luna amongst others — all from her kitchen table. Today Jackie is sharing your entrepreneurial journey of building her businesses and becoming a fashion mogul.

Show notes

Katerina: Jackie, just to introduce you. It’s amazing to have you on the podcast because I don’t think I’ve met anyone with such a huge portfolio of businesses to run…

Dr Jane Tornatore, Therapist & Speaker Seattle, WA

I had a pleasure to interview Dr. Jane Tornatore PhD (Mental Wealth For Entrepreneurs Podcast Episode #19) to find out how compassion, gratitude and the power of words can help entrepreneurs beat the odds of succeeding in business. Jane is a therapist and speaker based in Seattle, WA and has over 10 years of experience working with clients with just this type of problem. Drawing on her extensive professional training and wide-ranging life experiences, Jane helps her clients convert old patterns and unnecessary stress into more self-confidence and peace of mind.

Dr Jane Tornatore passionately supports people as they convert…

Rick Jordan CEO of ReachOut Technology

I had a pleasure to interview Rick Jordan (@reachoutit) who is one of America’s leading voices on Business, Entrepreneurship, Life, and Cybersecurity (Mental Wealth For Entrepreneurs Podcast #18).

Rick is a frequent expert guest nationwide on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. A featured speaker at NASDAQ, Harvard Clubs of Boston and New York, Mercedes, Coca-Cola, and West Point Military Academy on leadership, ethics, technology, and security. Rick is the best-selling author of “Situational Ethics.” Rick Jordan is CEO & Founder of ReachOut Technology. Twelve years ago, Rick was laid-off, broke, and in foreclosure with newborn twins. …

Henriette Danel — Strategic Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

My guest on Episode #17 of Mental Wealth For Entrepreneurs Podcast is Henriette Danel (@henriettedanel), a strategic business coach, and speaker who works with professional female entrepreneurs to help them attract more clients by enhancing their online visibility. Like many other entrepreneurs Henriette had has had her fair share of challenges but her perseverance and commitment has given her the resilience to carry on and to develop a thriving business.

Amy Choy — Founder of ChicnBliss Community

My guest on Mental Wealth For Entrepreneurs Podcast episode #16 is Amy Choy (@chicnbliss) — a professional landscape designer, content creator and health and well-being coach. Amy has an unusual story — she grew in Canada, lived and worked abroad across the US, UK, Hong Kong and China, and now she’s been stranded in Bangkok due to COVID pandemic. Yet, during the lockdown, Amy decided to follow her passion and started ChicnBliss community to inspire and motivate people to follow their bliss and a life they love.

Kristin Geeslin — Intuitive & Mindfulness Mentor and Coach

My guest on Episode #15 of Mental Wealth For Entrepreneurs Podcast is Kristin Geeslin (M.S) — a Consultant, Coach, Intuitive & Mindfulness Mentor. Kristin is an amazing teacher, trainer, coach and facilitator. She can pull together life-enriching events by working with various groups of people and creators of music, art, movies, etc. By combining her very strong analytical skills with my empathic clarity, Kristin can design human-friendly systems in business or government that increase an individual’s ability to meet the performance expectations of that environment. Kristin is creative in the way she lives, works, plays and worships.

Since she always…

Vanessa Armstrong — Founder of Keto Buddies

How do you transition from a successful corporate career to running a business with impact in a billion dollar Weight Loss & Health Industry?

My guest on Episode #14 of Mental Wealth For Entrepreneurs is Vanessa Armstrong — a Health and Weight Loss Accountability Coach who shares a personal story of weight loss (35+kilos) and health gain, whilst building a business with impact.

Vanessa is passionate to help women who want to live their best lives and love themselves in their skin. She believes we need to stop believing the BS of the diet industry; a one size fits all approach does not work. …

Malini Rajendran — a serial Entrepreneur, InfiniteLife Divine Heart Podcast Host

How do you bounce back after life major changing adversities in your life?

After several start-ups, in 2012 Malini Rajendran embarked on a spiritual quest which led to the development of many unique meditation techniques. But a series of life-changing events that happened simultaneously over a period of three months (a broken back, blindness and cancer), completely changed Malini’s life’s purpose and mission (see full bio here).

Mental Wealth For Entrepreneurs Podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Interview with Malini Rajendran

Show notes

Katerina: Hi, Malini. I’m so glad to have you on the show because you are one of the ladies that have so much experience and learning behind and could you just tell me because…

Katerina Thomas PhD

Author of Generation AI: The Rise of the Resilient Entrepreneur, Educator, Podcaster @katerinathomas

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